With the introduction of digital tablets and E-Readers paperback books may seem like a thing of the past, though for many of us screens will never replace the real thing. however if you do enjoy real books, the high prices can really start to stack up overtime, so if your not into renting from library's and want a good alternative, then you might be in luck. Today I'm going to show you how you can get any book sold on Amazon.com shipped to your house, for absolutely free!

The way this works is that you can substitute your time and a bit of effort in place of actual money, you can use your time to gain points which can the be redeemed for books directly through Amazon. Another nice thing is if you're not in the mood for books that's not a problem, because you can also use these points to buy any other item Amazon.com is selling

Now you've probably seen that there are many websites that promise free items, but the problem with these sites is that in return you have to give out your  phone number and credit card information to third party services, or pay upfront to complete offers. There are obvious reasons websites like these would put people off. But what's special about this website is that it's free, supportive, and most important of all safe. You will not be charged to join and you are never required to give out any information you don't want to. The only things you need to get started are an email address and a little bit of time.

Once you become a member the points you earn and the rate you earn them depend entirely on you, you could do a lot of work on one specific day or spread your work out over several days. There are so many ways to gain points that you never run out of options, there's almost always something new to be done!

Another benefit of this website is that it is a large community and the staff and members are very helpful. if you ever have any questions you can ask in the chat box or post on the forums and quickly get a reply. you can also view pictures of items others have received and uploaded or join a team in different competitions to earn even more points!

If you're still not convinced please visit the website by clicking the button below and have a look around, view the photo gallery or read the member discussions.


Signing Up

getting an account set up is very easy, simply go to the sign up page and type in your email address (The website will never spam you but if you don’t want to use your own personal email you can create another one for free using Yahoo, G-mail, etc...) and click sign up. After that you will be prompted to choose a username and password, type them in and proceed. Finally you will have to go to your email and click a conformation link which will take you back to the main site, if you don't see it at first check back after a couple of minutes. after clicking the link your account will be credited with 250 points ($2.50) just for signing up. And that’s it! You are now an official member and can start earning points and redeeming prizes.


Once you've signed up to the website there will be many different ways for you to earn points. I've written a brief introduction tutorial to help you get started, just click the button below. I hope new members will find it helpful. :)

If the image doesn't work properly you can find the link at the top of this page.